Alea Jacta Est

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Genre:Military SIM
Publisher:Plug In Digital / AGEOD
Released:November 19, 2012

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“ALEA JACTA EST” is what Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon river when he learned that the Senate had removed him from his command. Crossing that small Italian river was equivalent to disobeying Rome’s orders and entering into open rebellion.

The great confrontation with Pompey was about to begin… One of them would become the Master of Rome, and the other would die…

Another great way to relive the major civil wars of the Roman ancient world on your PC, from the first century BC to the third century AD…


ALEA JACTA EST enjoys most of the features and improvement from previous AGEOD games, plus some brand new specific features:

  • Ancient Command and Supply System (based on the Wars in America system), allowing for a good representation of historical army command in the Roman era.
  • Quick and simple system of Construction of Units, allowing players to choose and purchase their forces as they wish (or can) during the annual and grand campaigns.
  • Decisions features, playable on the map, like wild cards assets
  • Diversified set of historical events, allowing multiple choices events and options, hereby enhancing flexibility and re-playability.
  • Different updates and other rules, in particular combat system adapted to the Ancient warfare and Sieges.
  • Map: all of the Roman Empire and neighboring lands, with over 2800 different regions and seas, giving a lot of room for maneuvers.
  • Over a thousand of new leaders (main leaders have individual portraits) and hundreds units with accurate pictures.

Scenarios: five scenarios, starting 87 BC till 200 AD, including the well-known “Caesar vs. Pompey” civil war between 50 and 40 BC, or the infamous “Year of the Four Emperors 68 AD”. Scenarios vary in length from a few months to quite a few years (in a monthly turn scale)


OS:Windows XP/Vista/Win7
Processor:PentiumĀ® IV 1800+ MHz
RAM:1 GB or higher
Graphics:128 MB or better, 1024x768 or better resolution
Hard Drive:4 GB of free space

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