Death Road

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Developer:Active Zone Group
Publisher:Lace Mamba Global
Released:October 31, 2012

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Death Road is an incredibly dynamic racing game set in the distant future. Players compete using futuristic vehicles on specially designed tracks, armed with a wide array of lethal weapons ranging from standard laser guns to tactical nukes.

Gamers can experience both a robust single player campaign, as well as an intense multiplayer experience for up to 8 players. Throughout the game, players will be awarded with special achievements for epic feats.


  • Experience single player campaign and multiplayer mode for 8 players
  • Take part in over 55 events in single player mode – total 4 campaigns (rookie, pilot, veteran and elite)
  • 7 modes of gameplay (race, time trial, combat, elimination, mine field, gary move out and hunter)
  • Explore 8 racing tracks – (Aquilae – city located track, Caphei – express highway downtown area, Carinae – this is desert located, factory area, Denebola – future suburbs / destroyed city area, Minikar – energy plant area, Nusakan – downtown to suburbs area, Rotanev – desert area, Sargas – desert to downtown area)
  • Became a pilot one of 11 vehicles (Aztec, Iceberg, Titan, Gaforre, Mantis, Soverign, Orion, Moonshard, Azgard, Scorpion, Messiah)
  • Great weapon selection – 6 types of weapon and additional powerups
  • Various unlockable achievements
  • Climatic music and breath – taking special effects


OS:Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 Required
Processor:3 GHZ dual core or higher
RAM:2 GB or higher
Video Card:NVIDIA GeForce 200 series or ATI Radeon HD 4870 or better
Hard Drive:2 GB of free space
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